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National Forensic Science Laboratory

Trends of Clinical Toxicology Cases in Nepal

National Forensic Science Laboratory (NAFOL) was set up in 1986 for  the purpose of providing forensic science services to analyze the physical evidence collected as part of investigation for justice administration. Clinical analytical toxicology is one of the most essential parts in treatment of patients poisoned with drugs or toxic chemicals in hospitals. Clinical analytical toxicology facilities are not yet available in most of the hospitals in Nepal.

In 1999, the laboratory received an urgent demand of toxicology test from one of the Government hospital for diagnosis of type of poison used to poison a patient. Laboratory did the analysis of clinical sample as part of its humanitarian service. During the Fiscal Year 1999/2000, the laboratory analyzed 2 clinical cases only. Clinical toxicological cases slowly increased year by year and in the Fiscal Year 2011/2012, Laboratory received a total of 182 cases from both Government and private hospitals.

This study aims to analyze the data compiled from last 12 years (Fiscal Year 2000/2001 to 2011/2012) on different nature of poisons found in clinical toxicological cases. It is expected that the study will help clinicians treat patients poisoned with drugs or toxic chemicals in the hospitals better.