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Misuses of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants as Poisons: a Study of Plant Poisoning Cases in Nepal

Over time, as modern scientific methodologies emerged, herbal remedies began to lose their popularity. As the 20th century progressed and modern medicine was making some of its most significant impacts on society, the dark side of technology was forging a crack in the foundation of modern science.

Due to this, people are attracted towards “back to nature” fundamentalism. The wealth of medicinal and aromatic plants may beconsidered as one of the major natural resources touplift the economic development of Nepal. Due tothe physiographic diversity of Nepal, many kindsof plants and herbs grow here and large numbers ofthem have been used for medicinal purposes(Chaudhary 1998).

Medicinal plants are of interestnot only because they are used as medicine but alsobecause they may be misused as poison in