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DNA Directive

DNA profiling is the most distinctive tool to individual/accused identification as well as establishment of biological relationship in civil cases. Since 2006 the laboratory has established DNA facilities providing DNA testing services. Now the laboratory is providing DNA testing services in disputed paternity, maternity, individual identification and species identification.

Available Services :

  • Disputed Paternity/Maternity
  • Immigration
  • Baby switching
  • Individual identification in criminal cases and missing person
  • Species (even sub-species) identification



The laboratory is equipped with ABI 310 Genetic Analyzer, 3500 Genetic Analyzer, ABI 9700 PCR thermo cycler, Proflex PCR System, Corbett R. G. 6000 Real Time PCR, Automate Express DNA Extraction System along with additional essential required equipments for DNA profiling. The laboratory uses forensic community accepted PCR based kits like AmpF1STR Identifiler kit, AmpF1STR Y filer and Minifiler kit. Recently the Global filer kit, Global filer express kit and Y filer Plus kit are being launched.


Global Filer PCR amplification kit and Global Filer express kit are the 6-dye, 24-locus STR kit including one sex marker i.e. Amelogenin. It contains all CODIS recommend 20 markers and thus compatible with global data basing loci standards and has superior discrimination power. Y Filer Plus kit amplifies 27 Y-STR markers and is designed for processing highly challenging Y-STR casework with small quantities of male DNA and in mixtures. Similarly, Minifiler kit is valuable for analysis of highly degraded samples. Also, the Prepfiler kit for Automate Express System is designed to improve the quantity and quality of DNA isolated from forensic samples with better sensitivity. The human mitochondrial DNA sequencing service is useful for the determining maternal lineage. Similarly non-human mt DNA sequencing especially targeted for blood range of reptilian, avian and mammalian wild life part and products reliable identification upto sub-species level.

The case analysis is carried out by qualified and experienced forensic experts and supported by well trained staffs.



The basic information and necessary requirements needed prior to the DNA case accept are mentioned in the “DNA Directives 2068” of National Forensic Science Laboratory, Nepal.


 Fiscal Year  Court  Others  Total
 2070/71  23 (66)  5 (12)  28 (78)
2071/72 45 (120) 23 (61) 68 (181)
2072/73 38 (113) 143 (461) 181 (574)
2073/74 41 (116) 164 (487) 205 (603)
2074/75 23 (61) 215 (608) 238 (669)


  • ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation.
  • Formulation & implementation of DNA act.
  • Massive Parallel Sequencing.
  • STR based animal individualization.